My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 11

MPj04409420000[1]Weight: 164 lb

Transgressions: none

Exercise: none


I was tempted to eat some chocolate chip cookies my daughter baked, but decided against.  Didn’t want to have to report it here!  I miss carbohydrates, not only sweets, but also whole grain bread and fruits.  Starchy vegetables, not so much.  But I’m forging ahead with the experiment.  This blog imposes accountability on me, which is a good thing.  That trick would help most people.

I’ll be disappointed, yet curious, if I don’t lose a little weight over the next few days.  In case you’re wondering, I am below my usual caloric intake of 2400 cals/day, and not bothered by hunger.  I’ve been on calorie-restricted dies before where I’ve eaten all my allotted calories, yet still felt hungry.


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