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Excellent Advice For Women Approaching Menopause

…and struggling with weight gain and other hormonal issues. Visit Franziska Spritzler’s blog for details. A quote:

While the aging process is inevitable and to some extent dependent on your genes, there are ways to make the transition easier in terms of weight management, loss of muscle mass, and blood sugar control. My advice is to cut back on carbs to a level that allows you to achieve a healthy weight and optimal glycemic levels, keeping in mind that this is highly individualized and may change over time. Some women at this stage may be able to continue the same moderate-to-high-carb diet they’ve always consumed without any issues, but after looking into the research and hearing many anecdotal accounts, I know that many are simply not. It saddens me to hear about  ladies in their mid-40s to mid-50s eating low-fat diets and continuing to struggle with food cravings and weight. I feel many would benefit from the hunger-reducing, hormone-altering, blood-sugar-stabilizing effects of carb restriction.

Franziska recommends women consult their doctors before starting a low-carb diet or exercise program.

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