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THIS Week, Fish Consumption is Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

stuffed salmon
Salmon, one of the oily fish

Just weeks after I reported about fish consumption being linked to higher risk of type 2 diabetes, a different study reports the opposite.

The Norfolk, England, wing of the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer found a 25% lower risk of developing diabetes in adults who ate one or more servings of fish weekly, compared with those who ate less than that.  What kind of fish?  White fish and oily fish. 

Contradictory results like this are not uncommon in the field of science. 

Steve Parker, M.D.

Reference:  Patel, P., et al.  Association between type of dietary fish and seafood intake and the risk of incident type 2 diabetes.  The EPIC-Norfolk cohort study.  Diabetes Care, 32 (2009): 1,857-1,863.

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Fish Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes

CB064567A recent study suggests that fish intake may modestly increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

Harvard researchers examined the dietary habits of over 195,000 study participants over the course of at least 14 years.  Increasing consumption of fish and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (mostly from fish) was linked to a higher onset of type 2 diabetes—up to 24% higher comparing the lowest with the highest consumers.


This is a preliminary research finding and requires validation by other studies.  The study authors write:

Given the beneficial effects of LCFA [long-chain fatty acids] intake on many cardiovascular disease risk factors, the clinical relevance of this relation and its possible mechanisms require further investigation.

At this point, I believe that the benefits of reasonable omega-3 fatty acid and fish consumption outweight the possible risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Steve Parker, M.D.

References: Kaushik, M., et al.  Long-chain omega-3 atty acids, fish intake, and the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitusAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 90 (2009): 613-620.


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