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FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Continuous Glucose Monitors

Most users of these devices have type 1 diabetes, but I saw a type 2 recently who had one.

“An FDA advisory panel voted 8-2 that the benefits of using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device as a replacement for fingerstick blood glucose testing for diabetic patients outweigh the risks.

They also voted 8-2 that there was a “reasonable assurance” that the expanded indication for the device — a fifth generation CGM from Dexcom currently approved for use as an adjunct to fingersticks — would be safe, and 9-1 that it would be effective. If approved, the broadened use would allow patients to make decisions about their care solely by checking the interstitial fluid glucose concentration values, something many patients reported already doing.”

Source: FDA Panel Says Yes to Expanded CGM Use | Medpage Today

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