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Heart Disease Death Rates For Diabetics Falling Fast

MedPage Today on May 22, 2012, reported a dramatic drop in cardiovascular death rates for folks with diabetes:

The death rate from cardiovascular disease in U.S. adults with diabetes fell 40% from 1997 to 2004, CDC and NIH researchers said.

And that’s not all:

Additionally, all-cause mortality in diabetic participants dropped by 23% (95% CI 10% to 35%), Gregg and colleagues reported, from 20.3 to 15.1 per 1,000 person-years after adjusting for age.

The researchers identified several factors that likely account for the improved life expectancy for diabetic Americans.

Among them was the “steady improvements in quality and organization of care, self-management behaviors, and medical treatments, including pharmacological treatment of hyperlipidemia and hypertension,” Gregg and colleagues suggested.

The MedPage Today article didn’t define cardiovascular disease.  It typically includes heart attacks, heart failure, strokes, aortic aneurysms, among a few others.

Hope that cheers you up!

Steve Parker, M.D. 

PS: Here’s the original research article in the current issue of Diabetes Care.


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