Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

MRI scan of brain, commonly done to evaluate for MS and demyelination

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of unknown cause characterized by demyelination (loss of the protective coating around nerves) in the brain.

From The Journal of Nutrition:

A Mediterranean diet, including unprocessed red meat, was associated with reduced risk of [first clinical diagnosis of brain demyelination] in this Australian adult population. The addition of unprocessed red meat to a Mediterranean diet may be beneficial for those at high risk of [multiple sclerosis].

Source: Higher Mediterranean Diet Score, Including Unprocessed Red Meat, Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Central Nervous System Demyelination in a Case-Control Study of Australian Adults | The Journal of Nutrition | Oxford Academic

So this has nothing to do with diabetes; just more support for the general healthfulness of the Mediterranean diet.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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  2. There were no diets studied here. This was a made up “score” which nobody follows when choosing what to eat and in the absence of any mechanism is completely random and whatever the arbitrariness of the designations, the food recorded are described as good to 20 %. Why take stuff like this seriously?