Prevent Kids’ Cavities with a Low-Carb Diet, Says DietDoctor

More that a few dentists agree that carbs cause cavities.

From DietDoctor:

“Roger W. Lucas, pediatric dentist, explains the link between carbs and cavities in his book More Chocolate, No Cavities: How Diet Can Keep Your Kid Cavity-Free. Simple carbohydrates such as flour and juice feed mouth bacteria that cause cavities. On the other hand, high fat and protein foods don’t.

Source: Prevent Kids’ Cavities with a Low-Carb Diet – Diet Doctor


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3 responses to “Prevent Kids’ Cavities with a Low-Carb Diet, Says DietDoctor

  1. Cathy

    Happy New Year, Dr. Parker! This is a subject that I have had some interest in. I found in my own (non child) life that after switching to lower carb and higher better fat, that my incidence of plaque and tarter plus cavities has lessened to a great degree. I had lots of cavities growing up as a child btw. I have found a website for a primal periodontist by the name of Dr. Alvin Danenberg out of South Carolina. He is 70 and made the switch to the primal/paleo way a eating just a few years back and has had marvelous personal results. His blog has lots of articles on how diet really can affect one’s health. Now he states that by the time a person needs him there are serious problems, but he goes into an effective plan not only to avoid HIM but also ward off other dental problems. I have long thought that oral health is a gateway to overall health.

    • Cathy, your dental experiences are similar to mine. I was hoping my “pockets” would get shallower with low-carb paleo eating, but my dentist didn’t appreciate any change.

  2. Hi Steve,

    It makes sense.

    Every since I turned low carb, cut out carbs, not just simple carbs, I noticed I don’t have plaque build up like I had before.

    The plaque building bacteria in our mouths feed on carbs.