Night Shift Work Linked to Increased Type 2 Diabetes In Women

Shift work may kill you.

I’ve seen studies associating night shift work with T2 diabetes in Japanese men, higher breast cancer rates, more metabolic syndrome, and higher heart disease risk in men.

Now we have evidence for higher diabetes rates in women who do shift work”

“Our results suggest that an extended period of rotating night shift work is associated with a modestly increased risk of type 2 diabetes in women, which appears to be partly mediated through body weight. Proper screening and intervention strategies in rotating night shift workers are needed for prevention of diabetes.”

Source: PLOS Medicine: Rotating Night Shift Work and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Two Prospective Cohort Studies in Women

Action Plan: P.D. Mangan has some ideas.

Also, reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes with the Mediterranean diet.


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2 responses to “Night Shift Work Linked to Increased Type 2 Diabetes In Women

  1. E Alexander

    I have often thought that if people stayed on only one shift all the time that it would be easier on a person’s body. Has that been researched? Has anyone had experience with that. Constantly changing one’s circadian rhythm is very had on anyone.

    • E, I suspect you are right. I’m not aware of any scientific studies to test it. Even still, going against our intrinsic bio-rhythms probably is at least a little unhealthy.