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You need a break. Enjoy.

I pay $3 to $12 to license many of the photos and diagrams here. I won’t steal someone else’s intellectual property.

Have you noticed how some blogs just fizzle out? No new posts for a year, then they’re gone?

One reason is that it costs money to maintain them. For instance, I pay WordPress $30/year to keep them from posting advertisements that would interfere with your reading pleasure. I also turn down many offers from marketers who will pay me for access to my audience.

The biggest “cost” of the blog is my time that it takes to write posts.

Steven P. Parker, M.D.

Steven P. Parker, M.D., in 2016

I hope you find my writing worthwhile and interesting. You’ll find information here, at no cost, that should improve your health and longevity. What’s that worth?

If you’d like to support the blog, the best way is to buy one of my books, or recommend one to your friends or relatives. The second best way is to post a review of the book at Even a brief one. My books are at, Smashwords, and wherever fine books are sold.

I’d be grateful for your support. Your continued readership is also encouraging to me.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: I’m based in the U.S. but have lots of readers from the U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, and Germany. I’m not sure how easy it is to get one of my paper books in those countries. Ebooks from Smashwords should be widely available.


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