How To Find a Church

Let’s say you’re not happy with the ideology of your current church or you quit going to church years ago and are thinking about returning. Do you want a liberal or a conservative church? How would you find a church where you fit in?

One starting point would be to review a neat graphic put together by Tobin Grant. (Sorry, non-Americans, this is mostly about American churches. But there are data points for atheists and agnostics, too.)

Based on surveys of churchgoers, Mr. Grant classifies churches by where they stand on size of government and “protection of morality.” I’m not saying this is the best way to choose a church; it’s one way to get started.

Happy hunting!

Steve Parker, M.D.


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3 responses to “How To Find a Church

  1. Kris

    And that’s exactly why I don’t attend any church. My political beliefs definitely don’t jibe with the religious beliefs of the churches who fall into my political belief categories. I’ll stay spiritual but not religious in the traditional sense.

  2. Which church offers a lowcarb sacrament? Especially since it’s supposed to be Christ’s flesh and blood?? I say jerky would be more appropriate … and of course: The siren call of Satan is that of sugar …

    Liberal glycosurea proclaim the Son of God!

  3. E Alexander

    Steve, I thought the headline was going to be linked to a Mediterranean diet. Thought perhaps you were going to tell us where the good food was.