Shift Work LInked to Twice the Risk of Diabetes

…according to this paper abstract. It doesn’t say so, but I bet the association is to type 2 diabetes, not type 1.


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2 responses to “Shift Work LInked to Twice the Risk of Diabetes

  1. Jan

    I am not a medical person but speaking of friends who follow various shift patterns they obviously do not find it easy to follow a regular meal plan, exercise plan, sleeping plan and in some cases there health has suffered.

    Shift work is not easy, if you are working the old 9 to 5, even 6 to 2 etc it makes it easier to plan your meals etc.and not over – indulge in carb/sugar snacks that do not assist good health.

    Perhaps some may have helpful suggestions, for those reading this, who do have various shift work patterns?

    All the best Jan