Does Parker Practice What He Preaches?

I don’t post many pictures of myself here. It’s appropriate for you to wonder what a “diet doctor” looks like. I tell anyone interested about the benefits of weight management and exercise, and how to do it. At a shade under 6 feet tall (183 cm), I weigh 170 lb (77.3 kg). Last May, I hiked seven miles to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon; we hiked the 10 miles back up and out a few days later on a different trail. The canyon is about a mile deep.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Steve Parker MD

Steve Parker and son Paul hiking on the Mogollon Rim of Arizona near Horton’s Creek and Spring


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4 responses to “Does Parker Practice What He Preaches?

  1. Tim

    Last May? We need to see you, shirtless, holding up today’s newspaper! For all we know, you could have gained 3 or 4 pounds since this picture was taken!

    Just kidding, Lookin’ great, always neat to see what people look like.

  2. jim snell

    Awesome picture – Dr. Parker. You look in first class health and weight is on correct target. Wish I was! Best wishes and keep up the great work and site!

  3. Jan

    Great picture – thanks for sharing
    All the best Jan