Is Exercise Twice a Week as Good as Six Sessions?

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If you’re not familiar with weight training, a personal trainer is an great idea

Weight Maven Beth Mazur  found evidence in favor of the fewer days, at least in post-menopausal women.

I don’t like to exercise. Sometimes I find excuses to avoid even my twice weekly 40-minute workouts. I do enjoy hiking; I even hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out last May. But that’s not exercise, it’s more recreation.

You may well have good reasons to exercise every day. Maybe you’re a competitive athlete or enjoy exercise. If you just want the health benefits of exercise, I’m increasingly convinced that twice a week is enough.


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3 responses to “Is Exercise Twice a Week as Good as Six Sessions?

  1. HIIT every second day for 8-10 minutes. My experience suggests thats’ the marker. Free weights. Hillfit. Kettlebells….and rope jumping.

    Along with a low carb diet I am now off diabetic meds and still register in the range 5-6.5 mmol post meals. But the exercise is very important — esp the weight bearing.

    Weight loss (diet driven): 10 kgm but now plateaued. I also adhere to the sort of anti gravity principles advanced by Joan Vernikos.

    I also think rope jumping is so under rated that it warrants its own imprimatur. Easy. Cheap. Totally portable. Variably intense. Can do any spare moment…. Gets you a great workout in the shortest time interval.

    • Dave, you’ve convinced me to give rope-jumping a try. Have to see if my stepson can find and loan me his rope. BTW, I took Mel Thomassian’s 30-day exercise challenge last spring. Some there talked about “skipping” – I think that’s Irish for jumping rope.

  2. Jan

    Exercise should be part of our daily life but it is not always easy to fit it in with our busy schedules. Not everybody likes going to the gym, not everyone likes to go for a run. Exercise must be a personal choice and something that you enjoy – if you enjoy it it’s so much easier to stick with.

    All the best Jan