Amputations in Diabetics Drop By 25% Over Last Decade

Which is great news from DiabetesHealth. I have noticed this in my own practice. One potential contributor to lower amputations not mentioned in the article is improved blood flow through angioplasty and other high-tech options. 

A quote from DiabetesHealth:

According to Dr. Bill Releford, founder of the Releford Foot & Ankle Institute in Beverly Hills, as many as 75 percent of all amputations are preventable. He offered the following tips in a recent press release:

* Do not smoke.

Exercise daily

* Control your cholesterol.

* Dry in between all toes after bathing.

* Always control your diabetes and blood pressure.

* Always wear shoes made from natural sources such as calfskin or soft leathers.

* Never pull or pick skin from your feet.

* Eat at least five colors of fruits and vegetables every day.

* Never cut toenails or trim calluses if you have diabetes or poor circulation. See a podiatrist for routine foot care.

* Never go barefoot if you have diabetes,even at home.

Also important is to inspect your feet for problems daily, or have someone do it for you. See your doctor or podiatrist if something doesn’t look right.

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