Minimalist Exercise For Those Who Don’t Enjoy It

“Wanna arm wrestle?”

I hate exercising.  Don’t you?

I’d rather watch TV, play Parcheesi, play my mandolin, bowl, go to a movie, sleep, blog, surf the ‘net, work on my next book, fish, visit with my wife and kids, practice shooting, work on new recipes, or even go to work.


I want the health benefits of exercise.

So for much of this year I’ve been experimenting with various exercise programs that may yield the health benefits with minimal time commitment.  Like 60 minutes a week.  Not the 150 minutes recommended by some public health authorities.  In case you’re interested, here are some links that outline the programs:

If you’re tempted to try any of these programs, get your personal physician’s blessing first.  I’d love to hear about your experience with them.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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