Who’s Ray Audette?

Ray Audette hunted with hawks

I ran across a 1995 well-researched online article about Ray Audette, author of NeanderThin and one of the modern paleo movement pioneers.  It’s in Dallas Observer News: http://www.dallasobserver.com/1995-07-06/news/neander-guy/

Audette apparently self-published his book in 1995.  (Publishing by a “vanity press” is probably more accurate for the mid-90s.)  The 2000 edition of the book from St. Martin’s Paperbacks has a foreword by Dr. Michael Eades, who is also quoted liberally in the aforementioned article.

Mr. Audette credited his diet for curing both his diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.  I’ve been pondering whether paleo-style eating  is generally a good thing for people with diabetes.  There are plenty of anecdotal reports of benefit.  Wish we had more scientific research.

1995 was only 17 years ago.  It seems like ancient history to me.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: The paleo diet is also referred to as the Old Stone Age, caveman, or Paleolithic diet.


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3 responses to “Who’s Ray Audette?

  1. Perhaps to cure chronic disease we do not even need to go as far as “Paleo”, but just to focus on eating fewer processed foods in general. More specifically, processed carbs.

  2. One of the issues that drives me nuts about these articles/books/stories is that they are in part – part of the problem.

    Each interested party has a corner of the operational schmoo on a portion of the type 2 diabetes fracas nailed down for their part/cluster of examples for that schmoo corner and in fact their answer is probably refective of that limited sample. The riot starts when they attempt to stretch their thesis over the rest of the rain barrel mouth and its cases and the world falls apart.

    In early stages pre diabetes, diet/cars control and hearty exercise can work well including the different diets and approaches – ie mediterranean /paleo diet. I am willing to agree that the hunter gatherer digestion/gene system was in fact opptimized to burn low grade fuel requiring hearty exercise just to survive.

    Excess carbs and especially refined foods can really accelerate the glucose response and provide excess energy which really causes havoc in a low exerecise/low energy burn environment – aka – today.

    The story goes complex when you have medical issues like leaky livers and excess liver glucose release when supposed to be fasting coupled with low energy burn low quantity hearty exercise .

    My case was clear that once liver excess glucose release stopped – restrained; the benefits of 1200 calorie diet and 2 miles walking became readily apparent and available/worked.

    My read is that stopping rot is clearly doing all of the following:

    a) fixing medical hormone misfires and incorrect organ operation – leaky livers with suitable drug tools.
    b) fixing diet – calorie glucose production with suitable portion control for actual energy burn and exercise – balance energy equation.
    c) hearty exercise to burn off glucose stores in skeletal muscle temporary glucose stores so body stays in regulation and does not saturate.