Eliminate Diabetes Drugs By Eating Right

Jimmy Moore has posted a podcast interview with internist Luan Pho, who thinks that the right diet can help reduce or eliminate usage of diabetic drugs.  I’m sure involves type 2 diabetes, not type 1.  I haven’t listened to the podcast, but you may want to.



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3 responses to “Eliminate Diabetes Drugs By Eating Right

  1. jim snell

    I take umbrage at this one answer fits all.

    Yes in the early stages where the liver is not putting in excess glucose, I believe that this may prove reasonable.

    In any other medical fracas needing medical assistance – nee – metformin slowing liver down, such answers are unhelpful, unreasonable and failing to understand the scope of failures possible in a multi-organ system and hormones.

    These comments should be properly hedged and explain the scope intended. Otherwise quit wasting my time.

    • Chuck

      Hey I too am umbraged at you! Stop posting links without complete analysis will ‘ya?

      Human health is way too complicated to simply post a link.

      All future posts must be properly vetted by me with complete explanations and annotated with the podcast transcript and references or I will think it is a waste of my time.

      So there!

    • Hi, Jim.
      Jimmy Moore does a lot of podcasts I wish I had time to listen to. But I simply don’t, and won’t. Maybe after I retire.
      Perhaps my headline is a bit misleading, suggesting that the right diet can safely eliminate use of all non-insulin diabetes drugs. But think of the phrase, “Seatbelts save lives.” I think that’s well established, even though they don’t save all lives. Or how about, “Drunk driving kills.” That’s true, although most drunk drivers don’t kill anybody.