Introducing Paleo Diabetic, a New Blog

A few of my patients have asked me if the paleo diet and lifestyle would be good for their diabetes.  I’m not sure.  A few pilot studies suggest it would be.  I expect much more published scientific research over the coming decade, in addition to self-experimentation reports by patients.  I’ll be looking into the matter at Paleo Diabetic.

The paleo diet in modern times began gathering steam in 2008.  It’s still not widely known or followed, but the trend is definitely upwards. 

The idea behind the paleo diet—also referred to as the Stone Age or caveman diet—is that optimal health depends on adherence to dietary and lifestyle factors to which we’re genetically adapted.  Our current mix of genes overwhelmingly reflects the Paleolithic era of human cultural development, starting anywhere from 750,000 to 2.5 million years ago, and ending around 10,000 years ago.  It’s also called the Stone Age.

The paleo diet pattern isn’t set in stone.  In general, it includes nuts, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, and poultry.  It excludes or limits grains, dairy, legumes, sugars other than fruit or honey, industrial seed oils (e.g., from soybean and corn), and modern processed, highly refined foods.  Fresh, natural, and “organic” are preferred.

I’ve already got a few posts up and plan on new ones once or twice weekly.  If you’re interested, please join me at Paleo Diabetic.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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4 responses to “Introducing Paleo Diabetic, a New Blog

  1. The main difference is Paleo gets rid of that last bit of grains. After reading Wheat Belly, I personally, will not be knowingly eating many grains, unless starving.

    Lean meat is a mater of definition to separate real meat from grain raised meat, which has excessive marbling and higher Omega 6 fats. Lean, by the meat industry, has less than 50% of calories coming from fat. A bit of veg with a bit of fat, butter, oils to taste, the odd bit of fruit and your off to the races. There are lots of meals that would comply with both. Real whole fresh cooked or raw vegs, and protein, what could be more natural.

    I, personally think that eating a strict philosophy is no necessary good. Paleo assumes that nothing in the last years has been good. That may be a bit extreme, Ban sugars, grains, manufactured oils, and do everything as 100 or more, and the weight problem will dissipate. Cut carbs further, according to Bernstein (R not S) and the T2D are in better shape. But you are the doc.

    The problem for many of us is doing it. Your plan with little dabs of this and that is just too much effort. Paleo, one cast iron pot is lots to prepair most meals in. much easier to do hence to follow. Eat it until it is gone, then make another pot. But that is just me.

  2. Hey, fredt.
    Thanks for commenting. I can tell you’ve done lots of research into paleo-style eating. Regarding strict eating plans: it’s clear that we’re designed to thrive on a fairly wide range of nutrients. I’m convinced that most folks with diabetes, however, need to cut way back on certain carbohydrates, especially concentrated sugars and refined starches.


  3. wil jij ook jou streefgewicht bereiken dan kan dat nu. er is een unieke methode die mij ook super heeft geholpen. Neem snel een kijkje op Ze helpen jou om het gewenste resultaat te boeken waar we altijd al van droomde. Het gaat zowel op het mentale aspect van afslanken in even als de voeding. en aan bijde aspecten word enrom veel aandacht besteed