Mediterranean Diet Prevents Diabetes – Again

Spanish researchers report that the Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 50% in middle-aged and older Spaniards, compared with a low-fat diet. 

Over 400 people participated in a trial comparing two Mediterranean diets and a low-fat diet.  Over the course of four years, 10 or 11% of the Mediterraneans developed type 2 diabetes, compared to 18% of the low-fatters.  One of the Mediterranean diets favored olive oil, the other promoted nut consumption.

We’ve seen previously that the Mediterranean diet prevents diabetes—not all cases, of course—in folks who have had a heart attack.  It also reduced the risk of diabetes in younger, generally healthy people in Spain.

So What?

The study at hand is not ground-breaking.  It enhances the body of evidence that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest around.  I suppose another way to look at this study would be to say that the low-fat diet caused diabetes.

Learn how to move your diet in a Mediterranean direction at Oldways or the Advanced Mediterranean Diet website. 

Diabetics and prediabetics should consider the Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet; otherwise look into the Advanced Mediterranean Diet if you need to lose weight.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Reference:  Salas-Salvado, Jordi, et al.  Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with the Mediterranean diet: Results of the PREDIMED-Reus Nutrition Intervention Randomized Trial.  Diabetes Care, epub ahead of print, October 7, 2010.  doi: 10.2337/dc150-1288


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2 responses to “Mediterranean Diet Prevents Diabetes – Again

  1. I downloaded the PDF and went over the foods, it turns out that I am very close to all the recommendations. we use extra virgin olive oil everyday, the meats, veggies when we can and I adore fish. I have not eaten as much as I would like to with the smell (husband gags, lol) but I miss it and will make an attempt to get a can in when I can. I like your presentation and shared it on my blog and on Twitter. Elisa

    • Thanks, Elisa. As a courtesy to my wife, I usually eat my canned sardines outside the house!

      I’ve got to spend some time at your blogs to figure out how Little Bowl fits with Martini Mouse. Been to busy to spend much time on Internet lately.