My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 57 + Week 8 Recap

APE034Weight: 154 lb

Transgressions: Exceeded veggie quota by 4.5 oz

Exercise: 90 minutes of horse grooming and trail riding


After lunch I was already over my veggie allotment by 4.5 oz.  It’s the tomatoes.  They’re heavy.  Will have to cut back. 

I disagree with those who say, “You’ll lose your desire for carbs after you’ve done the low-carb lifestyle for a while.”  Is eight weeks enough?  Not for me!  Set me loose on an apple pie or Cinnabon and I’ll show you a desire for carbs. 

Week 8 Recap

Weight is hovering around 154–155 for several weeks now.  I doubt I’ll lose any more weight unless I exercise more or consciously cut back on calories, or both.  It’s possible that simply monitoring my caloric intake is somewhat inhibitory, subconsciously.  I see no health or vanity reason to shoot for a lower weight at this point. 

Average Daily Calories: 1,750

Micronutrient Percentages: carbohydrate 9%, fat 53%, protein 25%, alcohol 13%

Average Daily Digestible Carbohydrates: 28 g

Average Daily Fiber: 12 g

Daily fats, cholesterol, micronutrients:  Not calculated.  See Week 5-7 Recap.  Should be about the same.


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  1. More and more this is sounding like the experience I had on the ketogenic diet. Personally I was ravenously hungry for years. Especially when working out. But because I wasn’t as accountable as you are (not blogging yet) I would make it about 2 weeks then have a total breakdown collapse and eat 15 saltine crackers with peanut butter. The horror!

    Interestingly, despite how much I suffered, I’m much thinner and healthier now.