My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 49

Sonoran desert hiking season is here finally!

Sonoran desert hiking season is here finally!

Weight: 154.5 lb (70.23 kg)

Waist circumference: 34.25 inches (87 cm)

BMI: 21.6

Transgressions: none

Exercise: 50 minutes brisk walking


No significant movement in weight for two weeks.  More comments when time allows.  Off to the hospital for now.



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4 responses to “My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 49

  1. Are you back to your original weight?

  2. I started at 170 lb and my goal was 160. I’m not sure where I’m going from here. May try to increase my protein and fat consumption while keeping carbs very low, to test the theory that you can’t gain weight easily unless you over-eat carbs.

    [That’s a Gary Taubes theory.]


  3. I think Taubes is correct. My sense is that fat is not the great evil. It’s weight implications only seem to come into play when combined with carbs.

    Fat by itself is not incredibly tasty. Combine it with some glucose and it becomes irrestible.

  4. I read about the Inuits eating blubber, which is pure fat. Given the chance, I’d try it. But it doesn’t sound very appetizing. Perhaps with the right spices . . . ?