My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 40

872073Weight: 157.5

Transgressions: 1 Metamucil fiber wafer

Exercise: none


I was in the mood for something sweet and crunchy, like a cookie.  The Metamucil wafer was a good substitute, with only 5.5 g of digestible carb per wafer.  According to the database at NutritionData, a commercially prepared 15-g sugar cookie has 10 g of digestible carbohydrate—I figured it would be more.  Maybe I’ll just add two wafers per week to the KMD, then it won’t be a “transgression.” 

I’m aware there’s a whole world of low-carb, refined, processed sweet treats that I have not explored.  Probably best for my body to keep sweets to a minimum. 

Do you have a favorite low-carb sweet treat?


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  1. Not exactly low carb but not as high as I thought it was (and I can’t tolerate the low carb well, I need some to function) is the Hershey’s Extra Dark chocolate. 2 squares contains ~10ish grams of sugars.