My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 34 + Zinc Review

Fishin' for catfish

Fishin' for catfish

Weight: 159 lb

Transgressions: breaded fried catfish

Exercise: none


My wife surprised me with some home-made, lightly breaded, fried catfish.  I had to estimate composition: 5-oz piece of fish (actual weight), 2 tbsp McCormick Seafood Fry Mix (18 g carb from corn meal and flour), and 3 Tbsp soybean oil.  It got cold before I got to it, so she put it back in the frying oil to re-warm it.  God knows how much oil was really in that piece of fish.  Yummy, anyway.  I entered the McCormick Fry Mix as a “custom food” at so it could be part of my nutrient analysis for the day.   

My nutrient analysis at NutritionData suggests that the un-supplemented Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet may be deficient in zinc.  Here’s a summary of zinc physiology from UpToDate:

Physiologic Role

Important component of proteins, including enzymes.  Contributes to protein structure.  Functions in cell division and body growth.


Meat, chicken, nuts, lentils, fortified breakfasts cereals.


Impaired immune function, hypgonadism, delayed sexual maturity, growth retardation, hair loss, night blindness, impaired wound healing, skin lesions, change in hair color, loss of appetite, decreased sperm count, impotence.  Seems to contribute to severity of diarrhea and upper respiratory infections.  45% of adults have inadequate intake.


I’m a bit mystified as to why the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet might be deficient in zinc, since it provides generous amounts of nuts, chicken, and meat.  In any case, one Centrum multivitamin/multimineral tablet provides 73% of the Daily Value recommended for adults.


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