My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 32 + Manganese Review

A couple senior asian talking and exercising at a parkWeight: 159 lb

Transgressions: none

Exercise: none


My nutrient analysis at NutritionData suggests that the un-supplemented Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet may be deficient in manganese.  Here’s a summary of manganese physiology.

The role of manganese  in human health is unclear.  It is involve in detoxification of superoxide radicals and is found in several enzymes.  Deficiency may cause a scaly dermatitis (skin rash) and lipid abnormalities.  Deficiency is very unusual, but may be seen in highly restricted diets.

Despite decades of practing medicine, I’ve never seen a case of manganese deficiency.  Maybe I’ve missed it.  But I’ve never seen any physician in my circle of colleagues diagnose it either.


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