My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 7

"One little piece won't hurt . . ."

"One little piece won't hurt . . ."

Weight: 164 lb

Transgressions:  didn’t eat any fish

Exercise: none


No achy muscles or dizziness in last last 24 hours. 

I’m a little surprised I haven’t broken down and eaten the forbidden carbohydrates.  Tempted a little every day in the hospital doctors’ lounge by cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, cake, Snickers, potatoe and corn chips, fruit, and even oatmeal.  They say a ketogenic diet, after a few days, suppresses hunger and cravings.  Alternatively, my willpower may be reinforced by 1) my excitement about the new diet, or 2) my very public committment to the program. 


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