My Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: Day 1


Very low-carb chicken

Very low-carb chicken

Today I’m starting a very low-carb diet, the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet, to lose only about 10 lb (4.55 kg) of fat I’ve accumulated around my waist over the last six months. 


I gained the weight intentionally, so I’d have something to experiment on.  Cookies, candy bars, ice cream, cinnamon rolls and other pastries, pies, cakes, fried pies, french fries, shakes and malts—all these reliably put extra weight on me.  It’s not been a burden to gain the weight.  I did it for Science!

My current stats

Weight: 170 lb (77.3 kg)

Height: 71 inches (180 cm)

Body mass index: 23.8

Waist circumference: 36.5 inches (92.7 cm)

Usual  caloric intake: 2400/day (from prior self-experimentation and food diaries)

Activity level:  somewhat active

Health status:  Good.  No trouble with high cholesterol or trigylcerides, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure.


My body mass index is in the healthy range, so the 10 pounds I want to lose are “vanity pounds.”  You wouldn’t call me fat.  Maybe “a little chubby.”  My daughter and mother both spontaneously mentioned the excess weight to me.  My usual adult weight is around 160 pounds.  I dropped to 148 once through caloric restriction; my wife thought that was too low. 

My Plans

I’ll report here daily regarding weight, dietary transgressions, exercise, random thoughts, etc.  If it’s not too much hassle, I’ll track my food intake at and share the nutritional analysis weekly.  I’m hoping I don’t get too busy to keep this up.

Steve Parker, M.D.


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