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St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

The outstanding event of modern times was the failure of religious belief to disappear.  For many millions, especially in the advanced nations, religion ceased to play much or any part in their lives, and the ways in which the vacuum thus lost was filled, by fascism, Nazism and Communism, by attempts at humanist utopianism, by eugenics or health politics, by the ideologies of sexual liberation, race politics and environmental politics, form much of the substance of the history of our century.  But for many more millions—for the overwhelmimg majority of the human race, in fact—religion continued to be a huge dimension in their lives.

      —Paul Johnson, in his book Modern Times, about the history of the 20th Century


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  1. Suzanne

    The cruelest, most judgmental, insensitive, inhumane, and bigoted comments I read in the blogosphere are uttered by Evangelical Christians. I’ll take my chances filling that vacuum to which you refer with my secular humanism, thank you.

    For a few examples, please see:

  2. Jo

    I get more out of your blogs when you stick to posts about the Mediterranean diet. Those are helpful, since you’re an actual doctor. Your religious and political views as Quote of the Day, not so much.
    I recommended the Advanced Mediterranean Diet site and this blog to my mother when she was told by her doctors that she was pre-diabetic… she’s now diagnosed as Type II. I would actually feel a little embarrassed about my recommendation if she chose today to check you out.